At a joint press conference  in the Universal Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale based FabScout Entertainment announced their acquisition of David Forest Entertainment, all of Forest’s websites, business interests and the entire stable of male models he represents. David Forest has managed the top male adult film stars for the past three decades out of his L.A. office.

FabScout, headed by super agent Howard Andrew has become the preeminent full service talent management company within the adult industry and with the Forest business acquisitions, FabScout will now be servicing the adult industry with offices on both coasts. Howard Andrew is a great guy to deal with. He often throws the most amazing benefits like last month’s Palm Springs the pool party for The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and another pool party in Ft. Lauderdale for The Pet Project, a South Florida charity that takes care of pets for people who are ill or incapacitated.  FabScouts uber-hot parties are staged with rentboypoolparty.com  and I am packing my bags to jet off to Florida to shoot their dazzling poolside frolic next weekend. Stay tuned for more fabulous rent boy and porn star photos.

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