Masked, unmasked and masked again. I just came across this great production still of Michael Brandon from GETTING IT AT THE RAVE. I also cast Michael in DOUBLE DELIGHTS and WAY BELOW THE BELT, my two all-DP movies. Michael is a big star …and I mean big! I always say, “The bigger the dick , the bigger the porn star, the bigger the movie.” Michael has a whopper. Over 10 inches and way, way thick. Just the way I like my tops to be. Yep, Michael is a major talent. Here he is with super-pig-bottom Chris Young, who I discovered, named and cast in his debut film, SKATEBOARD SLIDERS. In GETTING IT AT THE RAVE, Chris got gang banged by 21 randy raver dudes, than Michael Brandon and Kid Cock doubled fucked him. KID COCK is a mutant-hung top with ten thick inches. So between Michael Brandon and the Kid, Chris had over twenty thick inches of stud meat pounding his boy pussy. After all that dick, piggy CHRIS just wanted more. I love GETTING IT AT THE RAVE. The sex is off-the-hook filthy and nasty and the sets and raver boy costumes are some of my best. A famous French fashion designer, who is a total gay-porn-horn-dog (I promised never to tell who) gave me some amazing costumes. Michael Brandon was done almost head to toe in wild aborigine body make-up. Here is is during a break in the double penetration scene, his make-up smeared all over Chris who of course just wanted to horny up and start filming again so his sweet, hot hole could be getting stuffed with more fat dicks. I love Michael Brandon. He was always hot and hard and ready to shoot whatever I asked him to do.


  1. PhilSTJohn Says:

    My friend Will Clark emailed me and I had to share his comments with you:

    Years ago when I had four piercings (both nips, eyebrow and a below the belt) I was constantly harassed on a tour I was on up and down the east coast. It’s my own fault for not thinking of the implication of traveling one way from Long Beach to New York two days before the one year anniversary of 9/11… The TSA guys and gals weren’t that wigged out about the nipple piercings but it completely flustered them that SOMEONE would have to be chosen to take me into a back room and see if I did indeed have what I claimed to have in my pants. Two big linebacker types escorted me into this little room and if this sounds like a set up for a porno, you’re right and it’s how I felt. Except that it was probably the unsexiest setting ever: a free standing quonset hut type closet in the middle of the Long Beach airport. The dudes asked me to pull myself out and the minute I did, one of them freaked out and opened the door revealing the scene to a row of female airline attendants standing just along the wall across from our room. I still remember their shocked (and, might I add, slightly titillated) expressions. 🙂 The guy closed the door and told me to put myself away and just get going.

    I have to admit a certain thrill that I had about going through metal detectors that autumn – the chance to see a straight guy squirm at having to look at a gay guys package. Eventually though the hassle outweighed the admittedly juvenile fun I was having and I simply took it out before flying.
    Will Clark

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