I partied with Porn King Collin O’Neal New Year’s Eve in the VIP booth at Here Lounge’s Snow Party in West Hollywood. The club had 10 tons of snow delivered and featured a low-flying fog and a major blizzard at midnight. From behind the red rope, O’Neil and his bevy of boyfriends were having a blast – as were all the happy peeps ringing in the New Year. The Go-Go boys and most of the other sexy patrons did not wait till midnight to start some hot New Year’s Eve smooching. Deep-soul-kissing was driving everybody wild! I led my date Ben out on the patio to cool down, get some air and I smoked a really phat cigar. We sipped Champagne and toasted the New Year and Ben wished me luck on my new webite. The music was banging, so I crushed out my stogie in the artificial snow and we went back inside to dance. Later, back at home in my West Hollywood digs, we opened up another bottle of some really fine bubbly and Ben and I had our own party.


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