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Posted in PSTJ Official Blog on April 30, 2008 by PhilSTJohn

I get asked about bare backing all the time so I finally felt that I had to makes my feelings public.

I will never, ever make a gay porn bare backing movie – though I have often been approached to do so.  Making bare backing films is a personal choice and it is my right not to make  one – no matter how much money I am offered.

I am not alone in my feelings about bare backing.  Chi Chi La Rue at Channel1releasing has just made a wonderfully directed video against bare backing. (Go to: Its is skillfully shot and edited, a way cool MTV-like piece and  she gets an A+ in my book for being a role model to her audience. Bruce Cam and Keith Webb over at Titan Films have also come down hard against Bare Backing, and I salute them, too. Kudos to JCAdams and Will Clark and so many others who have spoken out against bare backing.

AIDS has tortured our planet but also has humanized it with a potent gay civil rights movement. But do our new-found civil rights include the right to spread the disease to models who inject the virus into the ‘gaping anus’ of young porn stars? I applaud Chi Chi La Rue, Bruce Cam and Keith Webb for their bold anti-AIDS/anti-bareback position at the David Awards. Those of us who were making porn back in the pre-condom days have seen the AIDS deaths of most of the stars of that era.

In the late 1980s, I put down my porn camera and started making documentaries about AIDS. I was jailed in Houston with many ACT UP activists who joined me to protest the first George Bush Republican government’s wish for our quick demise. While in Houston’s Harris County Jail, on TV I saw Pat Buchanan, from the Republican convention floor, calling for a moral cleansing of our country. To me that meant ‘get rid of the AIDS fags and their perverted ways’.

Many of my friends were sick; many of my lovers were dead or dying. I know very few porn stars who survived those days. Is making more money worth the death of those who perform in our films? How many more gay boys need to die? How can I look at myself in the mirror in the morning if the night before I directed some young guy to shoot his viral load into another boy’s ass?

To many it is just gay product – a lucrative niche. To me it is a matter of life and death. Condoms save lives.

Act up! Fight back! Fight AIDS!


Posted in PSTJ Official Blog on April 21, 2008 by PhilSTJohn

Masked, unmasked and masked again. I just came across this great production still of Michael Brandon from GETTING IT AT THE RAVE. I also cast Michael in DOUBLE DELIGHTS and WAY BELOW THE BELT, my two all-DP movies. Michael is a big star …and I mean big! I always say, “The bigger the dick , the bigger the porn star, the bigger the movie.” Michael has a whopper. Over 10 inches and way, way thick. Just the way I like my tops to be. Yep, Michael is a major talent. Here he is with super-pig-bottom Chris Young, who I discovered, named and cast in his debut film, SKATEBOARD SLIDERS. In GETTING IT AT THE RAVE, Chris got gang banged by 21 randy raver dudes, than Michael Brandon and Kid Cock doubled fucked him. KID COCK is a mutant-hung top with ten thick inches. So between Michael Brandon and the Kid, Chris had over twenty thick inches of stud meat pounding his boy pussy. After all that dick, piggy CHRIS just wanted more. I love GETTING IT AT THE RAVE. The sex is off-the-hook filthy and nasty and the sets and raver boy costumes are some of my best. A famous French fashion designer, who is a total gay-porn-horn-dog (I promised never to tell who) gave me some amazing costumes. Michael Brandon was done almost head to toe in wild aborigine body make-up. Here is is during a break in the double penetration scene, his make-up smeared all over Chris who of course just wanted to horny up and start filming again so his sweet, hot hole could be getting stuffed with more fat dicks. I love Michael Brandon. He was always hot and hard and ready to shoot whatever I asked him to do.


Posted in PSTJ Official Blog on April 19, 2008 by PhilSTJohn
When I heard about Mandi Hamlin, who was briefly detained at LAX because her nipple rings set off a metal detector, I got really angry. Mandi was forced by snickering male TSA agents to remove one of her rings with a pliers. What the fuck is going on at LAX? I have been wearing a nipple ring for 10 years. I have never taken it off and have been advised against taking it out; I would have to be re-pierced.

The few times I had a problem with my N ring triggering a metal detector, I’d tell the TSA agent, “It’s a nipple ring” and that would be the end of it. But last month, on a trip to Buenos Aires, I slipped my watch, house keys, all my bling and loose change into a zip-lock bag that I put into my carry-on. For some reason, as I passed through the metal detector, it kept going off. After my third try, the phrase “Male assist!” loudly bellowed around me. It took ten minutes to get a TSA agent to wand me, while I waited, without shoes, corralled in a type of holding pen. As I stood there in out the open, the agent kept touching my torso, my ass-crack – my entire body – with both his hands and his wand. It was a kind of Sexual Terrorism. He squeezed and tugged at my nipple with his fingers. The ring continued setting off the wand each time he dug it into me and his intense physical manipulation and stimulation of my nipple ring was not only embarrassing but physically and sexually disconcerting. Finally, he let me go. What kind of idiot could think I or Mandi Hamlin could hijack a jet with a nipple ring? And what kind of idiocracy would hire him?

A friend told me that Dianna Ross’ arrest at London Heathrow involved some TSA-like creature roughly manipulating her breasts, before the Diva hauled off and punched out the bitch. Talk about celebrity stalking, if these evildoers have a license to maul movie stars think about what they can do to the rest of us!


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Here’s another hot snap of Collin and his crew at Here Lounge’s Snow Party in West Hollywood. Everyone had a blast and I got some photos of some sexy party boys making out in the Vip Lounge, too.  Then I went home with my date sweet, studly Ben. I am one fucking lucky guy to have had such a great time ringing in the New Year!


Posted in PSTJ Official Blog on April 6, 2008 by PhilSTJohn

I partied with Porn King Collin O’Neal New Year’s Eve in the VIP booth at Here Lounge’s Snow Party in West Hollywood. The club had 10 tons of snow delivered and featured a low-flying fog and a major blizzard at midnight. From behind the red rope, O’Neil and his bevy of boyfriends were having a blast – as were all the happy peeps ringing in the New Year. The Go-Go boys and most of the other sexy patrons did not wait till midnight to start some hot New Year’s Eve smooching. Deep-soul-kissing was driving everybody wild! I led my date Ben out on the patio to cool down, get some air and I smoked a really phat cigar. We sipped Champagne and toasted the New Year and Ben wished me luck on my new webite. The music was banging, so I crushed out my stogie in the artificial snow and we went back inside to dance. Later, back at home in my West Hollywood digs, we opened up another bottle of some really fine bubbly and Ben and I had our own party.